Tula Hats are known for longevity

Hat Care and Repair

With thoughtful handling,storage, and maintenance you can preserve and extend the life of your hat.

We’ve put together a guide to help you enjoy your hat for many seasons.

Tula Palm Hat Care Guide

Read our tips below or download the simple printable pdf caresheet.

Printable PDF

Handling Your Hat

To maintain the shape of your hat take your hat on and off by holding the brim. If your hat has a pinched crown do not take your hat off by holding the crown. You can break the palm by over-handling the pinched area.

Lattice Crowns

We love the look of our lattice hats and our customers also love the breeze. We have been creating the lattice designs since 1990. However, this design does not last as long as our solid weave hats. Over time the lattice work can break. Do not take the lattice hats on our off by handling the crown.

Don't be afraid to trim strays!

Strings and Stray Palm

Over time you may see threads or pieces of palm sticking up on your hat. Feel free to cut those off. Our hats are double lock stitched so they won't unravel like other hats.

Spot Cleaning

Many spots and stains can be removed with a hand-held gum eraser or a magic eraser. You can also spot clean your hat with a brush or damp rag. If needed you can use a mild liquid soap.

Sweat Happens

Cleaning the Inner Sweatband

Pull the inner sweatband up and stuff t-shirt or other material into crown to protect hat from moisture. Use a small bristle brush (such as a toothbrush) dipped into a soap and water mixture. After lightly scrubbing band repeat with plain water to rinse. Blot carefully.

If your sweatband soaks up a lot of sweat dry your hat upside down and clean as above. Placing hat in sunlight can help to kill the bacteria and dry the sweatband. If the sweatband is beyond cleaning your only option may be to buy a new hat. If you know someone handy with a sewing machine you could also cut out the original sweatband and sew in a new one. Let the hat dry completely before storing or your hat could mildew

Packing Your Hat

Place hat in suitcase upside down with clothing items stuffed inside and around brim.
They don’t roll up but they are very pliable and even when bent they bounce back. These hats travel very well. Many hats that are advertised as crushable/packable still have creases and need to be steamed or ironed to get those creases out. Even though palm is not crushable it arrives and travels better then hats that roll up. If you have traveled with your Tula Hats please let us know. We love to see our hats in locations across the world!

Soft suitcase with wide brimmed Tula hat packed inside!

Clothes packed inside and around hats crown.

Travels Easy


Palm is so pliable that sometimes all you need to do is let your hat sit upside down on the crown and it may bounce back on its own. If there is a bulge or crease that needs reshaping first try to shape it back manually holding the bulge down or bending the crease for a few seconds. If that doesn't do the trick the hat can be ironed back into shape. Using a clean cloth between the hat and the iron apply medium to high heat and then smooth out the bulge or crease with your fingers.

*Note: Make sure you put a cloth over the area you are ironing to avoid damaging the ribbons and to ensure that residue from iron does not transfer to your hat.

Re-Shaping a Flat Brim

If your brim has flattened out and you want it to curve you can simply bend the hat down at the front and hold. You can also iron the brim all around using medium heat. Then hold and press the brim down in front and back to create a curve as the brim cools. Make sure you put a cloth over the area you are ironing to avoid damaging the ribbons and to ensure that residue from iron does not transfer to your hat.


Hang your hat on a peg, hat form, or flat with brim side up. We recommend not storing your hat outside or in a hot car for long periods of time.

Water Contact

Palm is naturally water resistant but not waterproof. In a light rain water will bead of off the hat. In a torrential storm with pressure the hat will absorb water and will noticeably lose shape. They float so if you drop your hat in the water while canoeing just pick it up and let dry. If your hat gets wet let it dry completely in the open air or sun. Hang to dry.

Hat Too Big?

If your hat is a bit too loose you can purchase sizing tape to adjust for a snugger fit. You can also find this locally at any hardware store. We use a ¾” poly foam weather seal which is available at any hardware store local to you.

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Tula hats have a UPF 50+ rating and offer superior sun protection.

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Tula hats are hand-woven by artisans who have been practicing this traditional style of weaving for hundreds of years.

We are proud to provide products made with renewable resources and minimal packaging.

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