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The Beginning

The Original Tula Hat


How it all Started

The Tula Story

My husband and I were living in Mexico City in 1989 and each Saturday we shopped at the local fruit and vegetable market near our apartment. On one of those visits, I purchased a wide-brimmed palm hat that I thought would be great for gardening in the hot sun back home in Texas.

My family has a history of skin cancer, so the strong sun protection was important - and I knew other gardeners would also love this sun protection. After consulting with the commercial hat factories in Mexico, we were eventually introduced to the village in Mexico where Tula hats continue to be produced. The residents have been producing palm hats for over four centuries. We have been honored to work with such a wonderful group of people and have developed a special friendship and trust with the hat makers.

Hats are needed for everyday sun protection, so I strive to design hats that make the wearer feel good and look their best. My customers can be wearing anything from jeans to cute summer dresses and have the health benefits of wearing a UPF 50+ sun protective hat that is also fashionable.

The Tula hat line is available in many wonderful garden centers, boutiques and shops across the United States and Canada. Please visit our store locator for more information about where to buy Tula.

My mission is to continue to provide hats that are affordable and easy to wear as well as protect the skin and look good on!

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A Small Family Business

Local to Austin Texas and partnered with Artisans in Mexico since 1990.

Timeless Design

Our exclusive designs have endured the test of time. Our second style, the Tula Outback was introduced 30 years ago and has remained in our line ever since. Recently it has made a strong comeback with a new generation of hat wearers. This design has been so popular that it has been duplicated by many other hat companies. This style that we introduced in 1992 is also very popular in Mexico. Hat makers across the country now make this hat shape and call it the gallero. We are proud to have created this style that has assisted hat makers all over Mexico. We are focused on creating hats with simple sophistication and timeless design instead of the passing trends that are seen in fast fashion.

Outback Hat

Honest Pricing

By working directly with the artisans to create our line of hats we can eliminate designer markups and are able to provide beautiful hats at fair prices.

We often see similar quality hats selling for over $150. While they may also be great hats we want to provide stylish sun protective hats to a wider audience.

The Gardener is another one of our styles that has been replicated but we think ours are the tops!

Fair Trade

The Fair Trade Federation is a trade association that strengthens and
promotes North American organizations that make a full commitment to
fair trade.

Tula hats is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and have been working in partnership with the same family for over 30 years.

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Less Waste

Due to the way our products are transported from where they are made to our warehouse we have a smaller carbon footprint compared with many other companies. During this phase of transportation we use almost no packaging as you can see in this photo.

We also use minimal packaging when fullfiling orders, just enough to keep your order safe and secure without excess waste.

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Sustainable Palm Fiber


Our 100% natural palm fiber is grown in the warm coastal areas of Mexico and as a sustainable fiber, is environmentally friendly. The palms remain unharmed and ready for another growing season.

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Sun Protection

Safeguard against wrinkles and harmful sun exposure by wearing a hat whenever you’re outside.

Tula hats have a UPF 50+ rating and offer superior sun protection.

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Hatmaking Process

Tula hats are hand-woven by artisans who have been practicing this traditional style of weaving for hundreds of years.

We are proud to provide products made with renewable resources and minimal packaging.

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Hat Care

Tula Hats are known for longevity. With thoughtful handling, storage, and maintenance you can preserve and extend the life of your hat.

We’ve put together a guide to help you enjoy your hat for many seasons, including packing and repair tips.

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Fair Trade Federation Member

The Fair Trade Federation is a trade association that strengthens and promotes North American organizations that make a full commitment to fair trade.

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Eco Friendly

Renewable earth friendly palm fiber materials and low waste shipping techniques

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Available in Stores

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Fair Trade Federation Member

Supporting artisans and traditional crafts

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