Hatmaking Process

Sustainable Palm Fiber


Our 100% natural palm fiber is an environmentally friendly and sustainable fiber.

Environmentally friendly royal palm fiber is the base of the Tula brand.  The palm grows wild along the Mexican coast and is harvested in a sustainable manner twice a year. The palms remain unharmed and ready for another growing season.

Step One

Collect and process the palm

The palm fronds are cut right before they would naturally fall to the ground. The plant will continue to grow and produce.

The new shoots are laid out in the dew and the fronds are flipped back and forth for eight days. Then they are placed in a palapa fire made of adobe where the palm is cooked for a day in sulfur that whitens the palm. From there the palm is bundled and sent to market. 

Step Two

Weaving the palm

Next, they are hand braided into strands using artisanal techniques that have been used for over four hundred years and passed down through generations. This tight weave is what provides our hats with their spectacular UPF 50+ Sun Protective Rating

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Step Three

Sewing the basic forms

These strands are sewn together with a strong sewing machine using double lock stitches to form the basic hat shape and a strong foundation that will last over the years.

Step Four

Burn in the shape

The next step is to choose the hat mold to heat shape the hat. These heavy cast iron hat forms were designed with an eye for the contemporary by Tula. Using these original designs is how we are able to combine traditional artisanal craft with contemporary style.

Step Five

The final touches

Lastly, once the hats have been formed, the the sweatband, rivets and other adornments are added. They are also tagged with the style information as well as a UPF 50+ tag.

Less Waste

When our hats are ready to be shipped to the USA they get strategically packed into a semi truck without cardboard boxes.

Production in North America means less energy to get to our warehouse.

When we are packing our hats to ship to our retail partners they are packed in specially sized boxes to maximize space while reducing freight volume. Since palm is such a pliable fiber we can avoid fillers and unnecessary packing materials.

Some of our hats are cut down to create a smaller brim such as our Laurel hat and Angler hat. The excess that is cut off is used for the cooking fire. Nothing goes to waste.

Any palm hats that don't make the cut and have a slight flaw are collected the entire year and are joyfully thrown to the waiting crowd during the Corpus Christi celebration. During this celebration which takes place all around Lake Patzcuaro in June the people gather to receive the goods that are thrown by the artisans. I have been told that it is a way to give back and to share your good fortune with your fellow community members.

About US

Tula was started in 1990 and is a woman owned family business located in Austin, Texas.

We have been providing shade one hat at a time.

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Sun Protection

Safeguard against wrinkles and harmful sun exposure by wearing a hat whenever you’re outside.

Tula hats have a UPF 50+ rating and offer superior sun protection.

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Hat Care

Tula Hats are known for longevity. With thoughtful handling, storage, and maintenance you can preserve and extend the life of your hat.

We’ve put together a guide to help you enjoy your hat for many seasons, including packing and repair tips.

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Fair Trade Federation Member

The Fair Trade Federation is a trade association that strengthens and promotes North American organizations that make a full commitment to fair trade.

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Eco Friendly

Renewable earth friendly palm fiber materials and low waste shipping techniques

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Fair Trade Federation Member

Supporting artisans and traditional crafts

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