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1 Black Nylon Chinstrap Replacement w/plastic bead 1 Brown Nylon Chinstrap Replacement w/plastic bead 1 Leather Chinstrap Replacement w/wooden bead
Child Abby Hat Child Cowkid Hat Child Outback Hat
Child Abby Hat
Price: $25.99
Child Cowkid Hat
Price: $25.99
Child Outback Hat
Price: $25.99
Child Ranch Hat Unisex Angler Hat Unisex Brazos Natural Hat
Child Ranch Hat
Price: $25.99
Unisex Angler Hat
Price: $39.99
Unisex Clark Hat Unisex Dakota Light/Natural Hat Unisex Dakota Tan/Natural Hat
Unisex Clark Hat
Price: $41.99
Unisex Durango Hat Unisex Explorer Black Band Hat Unisex Explorer Multi Band Hat
Unisex Durango Hat
Price: $39.99
Unisex Gardener Lattice Hat Unisex Gardener Solid Unisex Lifeguard Hat (OUT OF STOCK-SEE NOTE)
Unisex Memphis Hat Unisex Mesa Hat Unisex Outback Lattice Hat
Unisex Memphis Hat
Price: $35.99
Unisex Mesa Hat
Price: $59.99
Unisex Outback Solid Hat Unisex Pecos Light Hat Unisex Pecos Tan Hat
Unisex Rio Hat Unisex Rodeo Hat Unisex Sierra Hat
Unisex Rio Hat
Price: $39.99
Unisex Rodeo Hat
Price: $37.99
Unisex Sierra Hat
Price: $37.99
Women's Abby Women's Beach Hat (OUT OF STOCK-SEE NOTE) Women's Boater Wide Brim Hat
Women's Abby
Price: $39.99

Shop Straw Gardening Hats

The sun feels stronger than ever these days – but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck indoors. Enjoy all of your favorite outside activities without worrying about the damage the sun is doing to your skin by putting on one of our gorgeous palm hats. Made in a small village in the mountains of Mexico, these hats have been rated as having the highest level of sun protection – and the tightly woven handicraft work of each hat is the proof!

Want a hat to wear while planting your garden? Need a set of the best hiking hats out there for a family excursion? Or perhaps you just want to stroll around town on a sunny day? Tula hats are perfect for these activities, and more. They’re even travel friendly – our packable straw hats are sturdy and pliable, great to bring along in your suitcase with clothing stuffed around them.

A weaving technique that’s lasted over the centuries paired with designs that have been used for decades are just some of what distinguishes the tradition of Tula hats. Check out our outdoor hats online, and you’ll soon see why they’re so loved. And feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have!