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How to Clean a Hat

Your palm straw hat is made of the highest quality craftsmanship, and will last over the years. However, if you want to extend that time, or for some reason your hats gets dirty, just follow the steps below to keep it clean and properly stored. Palm straw hat care is simple with the tips here on cleaning hats from Tula Hats, so you can be sure yours will last.

Shaping a hat to maintain its original construct is also essential to managing its form. The tips below will help you care for your hat and see that you are always protected from the sun with a comfortable, stylish fit. Try out a few of these, and contact us for any additional palm straw hat care questions you have. We are here to help!

Hand Made: Each piece is hand-woven and unique. Variations in color or weave are natural occurences. The color of the palm will vary. The size of the brim can also vary slightly.

Strings and Stray Palm: Over time you may see threads or pieces of palm sticking up on your hat. Feel free to cut those off. Our hats are lock sitched so they won't unravel like other hats.

Cleaning: Many spots and stains can be removed with a hand held gum eraser. You can spot clean your hat with a brush or damp rag. If needed you can use a mild liquid soap.

Cleaning Inner Grosgrain Sweatband: Pull the inner sweatband up and stuff t-shirt or other material into crown to protect hat from moisture. Use a small bristle brush (such as a toothbrush) dipped into a soap and water mixture. After lightly scrubbing band repeat with plain water to rinse. Blot carefully.

Sweat happens: If your sweatband soaks up a lot of sweat dry your hat upside down and clean as above. Placing hat in sunlight can help to kill the bacteria and dry the sweatband. If the sweatband is beyond cleaning your only option may be to buy a new hat. If you know someone handy with a sewing machine you could also cut out the original sweatband and sew in a new one. Like a sweaty pair of shoes always let the hat dry completely before storing or the hat could get smelly and/or moldy.

Packing: Place hat in suitcase with clothing items stuffed inside and around brim. Hats with lattice work may need a little extra stuffing. These hats don’t roll up but they are very pliable and even when bent they bounce back. These hats travel very well. Many hats that are advertised as crushable/packable still have creases and need to be steamed or ironed to get those creases out. Even though palm is not crushable it arrives and travels better then hats that roll up. If you have traveled with your Tula Hat with either good or bad results please let us know. We love to see our hats in locations across the world!

Palm can develop creases by being crushed . You can iron or steam bumps or creases. Just make sure you place a piece of fabric over area to be ironed. Hold in place to shape.

This is an image of 4 Hats that were stacked with clothing in and around crown and their arrival after flying from Texas to Hawaii in a softsided rolling duffel bag.

Shaping: Palm is very pliable and you can reshape your brim if it becomes flat after laying brim down for a long period of time. You can also use a steam iron on low to medium heat and lightly press into shape. Make sure you put a cloth over the area you are ironing to avoid damaging the ribbons and to ensure that residue from iron does not transfer to your hat.

Storing: Hang your hat on a peg, hat form, or flat with brim side up. We recommend not storing your hat outside or in a hot car for long periods of time.

Water Contact: Our hats are water resistant not water proof. They float so if you drop your hat in the water while canoeing just pick it up and let dry. Of course standing under a waterfall will destroy the shape of your hat! Light rain won’t affect the hat. If your hat gets wet let it dry completely in the open air or sun. Hang to dry.