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Tula Gift Certificate 1 Leather Chinstrap Replacement w/wooden bead 1 Black Nylon Chinstrap Replacement w/plastic bead
1 Brown Nylon Chinstrap Replacement w/plastic bead Unisex Brazos Natural Hat Unisex Dakota Light/Natural Hat
Unisex Dakota Tan/Natural Hat Unisex Durango Hat Unisex Mesa Hat
Unisex Durango Hat
Price: $44.99
Unisex Mesa Hat
Price: $79.99
Unisex Pecos Light Hat Unisex Pecos Tan Hat Unisex Rodeo Hat
Unisex Rodeo Hat
Price: $44.99

Straw Cowboy Hats for Sale

All kids watch old western movies with a vision of themselves at the reins of their own horse, cowboy hat propped on their heads. We may not have your horse, but you can certainly find a selection of old-style western hats right here. Our palm leaf cowboy hats are made of the finest, 100 percent natural materials with handweaving techniques that have been used for centuries. We know you’ll love our product, and wearing your hat will never feel better than when it’s a Tula hat.

We offer all types of western hats, from Durango to Rodeo, Pecos to Dakota, each one with its own personality and characteristics, making it a unique, high-quality product for you. Old-style western hats are perfect for many occasions and will protect your face under a hot summer sun.

Don’t let your vision of cowboy dreaming fade away – order one of our handmade cowboy hats and make it a reality. Choose your favorite, pull on your old blue jeans, and you’ll be ready to go.