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Tula Hats - Fair Trade Federation Member

Membership in the Fair Trade Federation Marks a High Bar of Fair Trade

Tula Hats, known for providing highly rated sun protective hats is part of a network of over 250 fair trade businesses after joining the Fair Trade Federation (FTF), a trade association that strengthens and promotes North American organizations that make a full commitment to fair trade.

To become a member, applicants must submit thorough documentation describing the organization’s relationships with producer partners and efforts to provide good work conditions, fair wages, safety, environmental sensitivity, financial transparency and more. Completion of this rigorous screening process provides an important mark of distinction for members and for shoppers interested in supporting an entire business for its fair trade practices rather than simply purchasing a fair trade product.

“We really commend the commitment and dedication Tula Hats has to the artisans they work with in Mexico,” says Renee Bowers, former Executive Director of the Fair Trade Federation. “We’re so happy to welcome them and look forward to their wonderful contributions to the FTF community!”

"I've been in business for over 29 years and it was eye opening to hear from the artisans about how we have helped them in developing their business over the years," says Alice Eichelmann, owner at Tula Hats. "The Fair Trade Federation's extensive application process has made us aware of areas where we can improve our business with the artisans who make Tula Hats."

Not exactly sure what fair trade means? The main goal is to give craftspeople and farmers who are living in areas of extreme poverty the opportunity to earn a living by selling their products in North America. The Fair Trade Federation principles focus on fair wages, worker safety, transparency, and more. Click here > ( Fair Trade Federation Principles ) for more information on those principles.