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How to Measure Your Head for a Hat

When it comes to staying protected from the sun, it’s important to have a hat that fits correctly on your head. If you spend much of your time working outside, you need a hat that holds on tightly as you lean and bend as well as one that stays put in the wind. Without a proper fit, your hat can fall off and not offer the sun protection you need or fit too tightly, which can be uncomfortable. That’s why we invite you to follow the directions below for measuring hat size. Use the fitted hat size chart for additional help. And feel free to reach out to us for any more questions you have about our palm hat measurements. We are happy to help!

How to measure for your hat size:

The easiest way is to hold a piece of string and measure around your head where the hat will sit. About an 1/8” above the forehead and ears. Then place the string next to a tape measure and compare to our hat sizing chart. If your measurement falls between sizes, choose the next largest size. If you pull the string too tight or hold it too loosely you won’t get a perfect fit. Sometimes it’s worth it to purchase two hats if you are not sure and then return the one that does not fit. You can size a hat down with sizing tape. We will include sizing tape in an individual order. For a perfect fit you may want to go to our store locator so that you can buy your hat from your local retailer.

Sizing Tape:

If your hat is a bit too loose you can purchase sizing tape to adjust the fit of your hat. We use ¾” poly foam weather seal which is available at any hardware store. Cut a strip about 4-6” long and place behind the sweatband. You can use a strip on the front and back of the hat as needed.